“Smashed” Documentary Features Dr. D.

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Safe Teen New Mexico has produced “Smashed: Teen Brains and Alcohol,” a prevention documentary showing the effects alcohol has on teen brains and what teens, parents, and communities can do to create healthy teens. You can order a copy of the movie by clicking on this link. It only costs $10 and is chock full of the latest brain science and prevention efforts addressing underage drinking,

Here’s a clip from the documentary where I explain how alcohol advertising creates the neural nets in children that can lead to their binge drinking.

This clip also explains why challenging alcohol expectancies is an effective prevention tool. To learn more about the science and theory behind challenging expectancies for prevention, please watch this

The Alcohol Literacy Challenge™ Curricula (ALC) recently been reviewed by NREPP (SAMSHA’s National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices). We received very strong ratings for our quality of research (3.3 out of 4) and our readiness for dissemination (3.5 out of 4). Please click here to view the full NREPP review.

For ordering information on the ALC, please click visit our Alcohol Literacy Challenge Curricula page.

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